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Social Media Marketing Isn’t Rocket Science: Here’s What You Need To Know To Succeed

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There’s a reason why social media is the first thing that the marketing experts are recommending for your website and blog promotion; and you’re probably aware of it, you just don’t know where to start and how it should be done. You’re not alone: thousands of small businesses are struggling with the same problem, and this article will help you connect a few main dots so that you can better understand how social media websites work and how you can utilize them for growing your business.

Content, the online king

Although it may seem that using Facebook (and other social media) for business purposes is a lot like using it for personal purposes, you have to be aware that there are some things that you should do differently, and regularly posting content is one of them. Your fans – your potential customers – will remember you if they see your posts consistently, if the things you’re posting are interesting, useful and engaging, so creating your content strategy is an important part of social media marketing. If you don’t have one, if you’re posting things as you go, you’ll soon run out of the things to share, and your fans will quickly see that you’re doing it randomly. And they don’t want to see that: even though they will accept your brand as a trusted friend if they see it more often, you don’t want to be annoying and showing up too much; and you should be careful about the content you’re posting – it has to entice the engagement and the emotions of your fans, so you should share content other that yours, interesting and useful stuff that you come across – but stay within your niche, unless you want to confuse your fans.

Self-promotion is a big no-no!

The marketing role of social media is in getting people to like you and your brand; that’s why your content (and that includes statuses, re-tweets and any other big or small piece of thought that your fans can see is coming from you) and your posting strategy should paint a picture that your brand is fan-friendly, and why you should be aware of that role all the time. That means that you should have a dose of personal approach, but you have to know where to draw the line and not to go in too much of a self-promotion. People who are your fans already know, or suppose, that your company is great – they don’t need you to constantly remind them of that. Instead, show them that your company is awesome by providing excellent customer support, or some educational or fun content that isn’t directly related to the product or services you’re selling.

Social media is only a channel

One of the common mistakes that people make is to start using social media instead of their website, for directly promoting and selling their products or services, and that’s why you will hear from most of them the social media isn’t worth the effort. You have to understand that your main possession and your primary tool in online marketing is your website, and social media is there only as a means to get people acquainted with your brand, and to direct them to your website when they intend to buy something. Use social media to reach more people and to make them think of you as their friend, to entertain them and to help them solve some issues within your realm of interest; social media is a marketing tool, and you should treat it like that.

Social media is definitely something that every business, big or small, should incorporate into their marketing, but it can’t be done sporadically and without a plan if you want it to bring results; you have to know what it is best used for, and act accordingly – the best way to use social media is to post quality content and be there for your fans, knowing that your role is to educate and entertain them, and not to sell to them; this approach will make you their best friend, and the next time they need to buy something that you’re selling, they’ll think of you and not of your competitor.

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