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Power of Social Media Bridging the Gap between B2B and B2C Marketing

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The other day I asked someone I recently connected with on LinkedIn if he was on Facebook. His baffled reply was “Is there anybody on the planet, who can access internet, not on Facebook.” Well if so is the situation then you can make a safe bet that whatever your business is, you will definitely find your target audience on Facebook. That alone explains the success of B2B marketers like Hubspot. Thanks to Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook has become a powerful marketing channel not only for B2C companies but also for B2B companies. All one needs to do to derive effective results is utilize this channel to the hilt.

The conception that the power of social media marketing works better for B2C marketers than B2B is fast changing. Irrespective of the type of business you run it has become important for all marketers to use all marketing channels effectively. Hence, B2B marketers have started seeing Facebook as not only a supplement to, but also an extension of, all existing engagement channels. As a result the more social channels they use the more engagement and connections they create with their target audience. This in turn is generating better revenue.

The B2B social marketing myth and reality

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Measuring engagement is social channels is quite easy. B2B marketers obsessed with the number of likes and followers and connections have now demystified the engagement tactics. This has generated results important results in terms of their approach to social media. Likes, followers and connections matter a lot for you to communicate about your company and products, services and offers but just maintaining that is not enough.

Marketers should never rule out engagement with their followers, because that’s what is going to get more audience to their social pages. It is very important to post content that become viral easily and help in building and spreading the brand reputation. Also, social is such a vibrant field that it requires page managers to maintain their online reputation, because negative feedback, unresolved cases, unanswered queries only becomes negatively viral and may also result in decline of your fan base. Hence, it is very important that marketers analyze other engagement and conversation metrics rather than just increasing the number of likes. Luckily, Facebook makes analyzing much easier with its insights tools and there are various other tools available across the web.

As shown clearly in the infographic below 36% of B2B marketers believe they are moderately involved with social media as compared to 30% of B2C marketers. Given this data it becomes important for us to know how much revenue they are generating through this channel.

Image Source: www.webmarketing123.com
It turns out that as far as generating revenue through social media goes, the gap between B2B and B2C is fast closing in. And remember what a B2B company earns in one transaction a B2C company takes several transactions to achieve. So, imagine if B2B companies start gaining as many transactions the revenues will soar higher than any of the B2Cs.

Image Source: www.webmarketing123.com
So how do you create the buzz on social? It is exactly similar to what all successful B2C marketers are doing. Here are five steps which will help B2B Facebook marketing success:

Build your fan base—Methods like fan-gating content, which requires you visitors to like your Page before they can access content on a tab on your Page will get you more fans. Consider running a contest or promotion to grow your audience.

Share engaging content— Creatively tie up your business with fun videos or pictures, these make for successful viral campaigns. Share your company’s success stories this will attach more credibility to your brand. Give offers and discounts on your service with creative banners, this catches the viewers attention a lot. Remember your content shows up on the news feed of your fans and when your friend engage with your content it shows up on the feed of friends of fans. So content is most important to get more fans. Use the SHARE button on your tabs and encourage, better still incentivize your fans to use it to share it with their friends. It’s all about making your content viral.

Capture leads—Applications that allows you to capture contact information of your audience is a fantastic way to get new leads. These leads can be converted into buyers with your regular email campaigns.

Make it personal and fun—Relate to your customers. Even for B2B ventures, who might not be selling an “exciting” product, engaging in fun and personal conversation helps in building a brand perspective! Customers will connect more with your brand if you can consistently maintain your brand image by creatively blending in some fun with it.

Amplify through ads—Ads help promote your page and gather fans. You can easily target your ads once you have identified your section of audience. But the real power of Facebook lies in its ability to reach friends of fans. Facebook ads offer a variety of ways you can segment and target to ensure you are reaching the right customer profile.