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Online Business Success: Tips To Develop A Success Mindset

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You might have every practical online business tip in the world at your fingertips. Unless you adopt the proper mindset you ignore these proven tips and move into haphazard, failing acts on a daily basis. The high failure rate within the online niche indicates most people have a poor mindset when it comes to running their online business.

How you choose to think determines how you choose to feel and how you choose to feel determines how you choose to act. Choosing to think positive, success-creating thoughts creates successful feelings, moving you into successful actions which yield successful results. But choosing successful thoughts on a persistent basis requires you to spend significant time in devout personal development because most people are stricken with a failure consciousness. This means you generally think negative when it comes to growing an online business and this is the reason 97% of people or more fail with their business ventures in the cyber arena.

Spend 60 Minutes on Personal Development Daily

Remember those 97% of people – or more – who fail online? Most spend 0 minutes on personal development. Some spend 5, 10, 15 or 30 minutes meditating, visualizing, or affirming, but then spend the next 14 waking hours worrying, fretting, panicking and believing they will fail online. The 14 hours of worry overrides the 30 minutes of personal development. The individual naturally fails miserably.

Once you begin to spend an hour or more on personal development daily you carry a positive, peaceful, confident and placid nature with you throughout the day. You cease rushing and begin acting from a relaxed place, knowing you are becoming successful. Spending time in personal development helps you to uproot any negative, limiting beliefs. Uprooting these beliefs is a huge factor in becoming an online success because becoming a success is more about releasing negative, confining beliefs than acquiring positive, freeing beliefs.

Take Hourly Breaks

If you start the day by dealing with an irate prospect or client over the phone or your YouTube account was terminated you might just move into an immediately tailspin. Everything you touch seems to turn to crap, you are angry, upset and agitated, and you plow your way through a miserable day. This is how most people spend their day which is why 97% of folks – or more – fail horribly in the online niche.

The few successful folks are smart. They take a break every 60 minutes, walking around, exercising or meditating, so they can see how they truly feel. This is why successful people usually have a bad few minutes each day, if they suffer at all, instead of having a horrible day. They change their vibe after a few minutes or hour, feel better, and they have a sensational day despite the bump in the road faced upon waking.

Take a break every 60 minutes. Walk around, meditate, visualize or affirm to feel better about yourself. Observe your feelings. Identify any grudges you might be holding in relation to any person who may have acted aggressively toward you. Forgive them, release them and move forward to have a fun, prospering day.


Pick a field that makes you sing. You can choose an online business for monetary purposes but you will never be truly happy. If however you select a job you feel passionate about you enjoy your business dealings and the ironic part of the situation is that money flows in with greater ease.

Spend time researching your venture. This is a business, not a hobby, so treat the online venture as such.