Comment spamming can lower down your blog ranking in Google.

Comment spamming is a general practice today, some webmasters post irrelevant comments on others blog to just increase their site ranking in SERPs. But now it will be damaging to both; the website whose link is post in comment and blogs/website which allow these types of comments. Detailed information is given in a recent Google Webmaster Blog post about comment spamming.

Webmasters should do following things to maintain their site ranking

Don’t post irrelevant comments just to get a link.

Comment only when you think it can provide more information on particular topic

Comment when you want to start a new discussion

Till now if you were practicing comment spamming to increase your website ranking, you should stop immediately otherwise it will now work in reverse direction i.e. lowering down your website/blog ranking. Now start working on finding the new ways to improve the site ranking, otherwise you may find yourself in problem.

Bloggers should do following things to maintain their site ranking

Don’t allow spammy comments on your blog

Delete all the spam looking comments from your blog

Use anti spamming plug-in in your blog

Don’t allow anonymous comment posting

Prevent automated spammy comments

Always use the comment moderation option

Use “nofollow” on comments

As a blogger if you don’t consider above factors then one day you may found that in spite of all your hard work your blog rank is going down because somebody else is trying to increase his/ her blog/website ranking through comment spamming. Don’t let spammers ruin your good work.