What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Video Blogging

Video blogging is a popular form of blogging where a video is made and subsequently posted on the internet to elicit a response from the viewers. This form of a Web log is also known as vlogging. A video blogger generally puts out a series of blogs on the internet over a regular period of time. Unlike regular blogging, videos are the preferred form of communication in vlogging, rather than relying only on text or audio. In video blogging the video can be accompanied by text.

Equipment Needed for Video Blogging:

One can make videos for blogging with simple digital cameras or even with cell phones which have cameras to record short video sequences. Camcorders or video-cameras with in-built microphones are the preferred choice of equipment for making videos for posting on the internet. The video blogger will also have to install special software onto his computer to facilitate video editing. Some of the software programs for video editing which are popular with video bloggers are as follows:

  • Final Cut Pro
  • Sony Vegas Pro
  • Adobe Premier
  • Windows Movie Maker
  • iMovie

The vlogger then has to find a suitable site on the internet through which he can share his video blog with others around the world.

Advantages of Video Blogging:

Video blogging is gaining in popularity because of its many advantages. The involvement of visuals with audio enhancement and text make video blogging an influential tool on the internet.

  • Visual Impact: unlike regular blogging through text, the viewer is given a clear perception of the blogger through the visual interface. This establishes better credibility and the blogger can convey his ideas freely.
  • Product Promotion: the blogger can promote his products or brand more effectively through video blogging. It makes advertisement easier and gives the viewer a better idea of the product through the video.
  • Time Saving: it is faster and easier to convey one’s thoughts and ideas verbally by talking into the camera rather than writing a text. Writing involves time spent in checking the grammar and spellings and proofreading the article at the end. It also involves adding images or photographs to make the content more interesting. A blogger would save a lot of time by video blogging.
  • Easy Procedure: It is fairly easy and less time consuming to record a video. If the blogger has to promote and share an idea he can just speak into the camera and effortlessly upload his video to directly communicate with others around the globe.
  • The Personal Touch: a viewer gets to see a more human side of the blogger if he can see and hear him through a video rather than just reading a blog post. Video blogging gives a more personal touch.
  • Entertaining: videos are certainly more entertaining to view than plain text.

Disadvantages of Video Blogging:

Video blogging takes up quite a bit of server space. There are so many vlogs uploaded on the internet that one has to provide absolutely unique content to stand out. These disadvantages can easily be overcome once one gets used to video blogging.

Internet users are becoming more interested in video blogging and it is gaining in popularity.

Priya N is an internet marketer & blogger. She writes about blogging tips & how you can make money from blogging.